1000 Books Before School

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Research tells us that the most reliable predictor of school success is being read to at home during early childhood.

This program is designed to help you make reading a regular part of your routine with your child, and support you to reach the wonderful milestone of reading 1000 books before they start school.

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For students from Grade 3 to TAFE.

Does your child need help with their homework questions or a school project?

YourTutor is a free online tutoring  service available to library members from 3pm to 10pm Sunday to Friday.  Study support is available for maths, English and science subjects, as well as for researching and writing assignments.

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Homework Help

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If you need help with your homework or you're having trouble finding what you need on the internet, we can help.  Come into the library and we can show you where to find the book you need or if the information you're after is quite involved you can Ask A Librarian.

Online Resources
If you like to do your research online, take a look at one of these reliable online resources for kids.

World Book
@ library | @ home

World Book ebooks

Encylopedia Britannica
@ library | @ home

Full list of online resources available 

Visit the Sponge Club website!

The Sponge Club is a fun junior library membership for kids aged 5-12 years old.

The Sponge Club website is the place to go for information about special events for kids, links to author websites and heaps of other fun stuff.