August Quiz

- August Quiz

August hosts two of Melbourne's biggest festivals: The Melbourne Writers Festival and the Melbourne International Film Festival. So this month's quiz celebrates books which have been adapted to film!

1. Which classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald was adapted to a big budget film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Baz Luhrmann?

2. Joseph Conrad's The Heart of Darkness went on to become which cult classic war film from the '70's?

3. Which Irvine Welsh tale of a group of young rebellious Scots went on to become a hit film in 1996, with the sequel only coming out this year?

4. Which Roald Dahl novel was turned into a film in 1971, and then again in 2005 with Johnny Depp as its lead?


QUIZ ANSWERS:  1.  A monster calls    2.  Enid Blyton   3.  Giving    4.  Andy Griffiths